Essay about Social Media And Its Effect On My Life

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I went through a divorce and the subsequent fall out. As a result I spent several years working with my head down focused on my job, as the Chief Information Officer (CIO), for the California, Department of State Hospitals (DSH). I lost confidence in myself and as a result it had a devastating effect on my career. I met a woman named Erin and she helped me regain confidence in my abilities. Erin suggested that I needed to get back out into the community and make myself relevant and known again. She suggested that I needed to rebrand myself by presenting myself publically as a thought leader in my field. Her strategy was that I would reintroduce myself by using social media as a venue to post articles reflecting my knowledge and experience. My divorce left me with a greatly diminished retirement pension. My goal was to exit civil service and go into the private sector selling back to the State and Local Government. This way I would capitalize on my earning potential and rebuild my pension plan. A year later, I conclude that presenting my industry centric thoughts through social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter has helped me greatly to differentiate myself in the job market from my competition and led to opportunities and recognition not available to me before.
I have been in the information technology (IT) industry for over thirty years. I have served in the capacity of a very successful high level manager for almost half the time. Recently many members…

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