Essay on Social Media And Cyber Security

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Social Media and Cyber Security
Social media and cyber security are components of internet network security that many people are concerned about. Network security is one of the arching terms that describes the procedures and policies that are implemented by network administrators in order to keep track and avoid exploitation, unauthorized access, denial or modification of network resources. In relation to this definition, social media security is identified as the protection and prohibition of unauthorized use of social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook. Due to the intensified use of the internet globally, there has been increased concern on issues related to internet security. These issues range from social engineering to activism and have all been linked to the increased growth and use of the social media.
The booming use of social media has brought into concern issues related to internet use for young persons and children. Young persons and children are at risk when surfing the internet because they are usually unaware of what exactly they are doing. Consequently, this has necessitated close supervision of both young persons and children when accessing the internet using digital devices. Young people have to be taught some of the basic cyber security skills before they are fully exposed to the internet. The internet, particularly social network sites, enable young people to interact with various individuals, some of whom may have malicious intent and fake…

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