Examples Of Social Media In Nursing

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Social Media Use in the Nursing Profession

Nurses are increasingly utilizing social media and new ethical concerns have been arising. Social media has the ability to benefit health care in a variety of ways but often time’s nurses violate patient rights when posting on social media sites. It is important for nurses to be educated of the appropriate limits when using these networking sites. There have been far too many instances reported of nurses using social media inappropriately and organizations need to take steps to prevent these occurrences.
Within the last five years, the rate at which information enters the public arena has become much more rapid due to the increased use of social media. It has become far too easy for things
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There are certain guidelines to prevent nurses from breaking any ethical or legal obligations they have to maintaining patient confidentiality. First of all, nurses must never electronically transmit photographs of any patient-related images unless there is a care related need to do so and the patient has approved of information sharing. It is also important not to identify the patient by name or post information that could potentially lead to identification. A nurse should never refer to a patient in a disparaging manner even if the patient is unidentified. Also, a professional boundary must be set and caution must be used by the nurse when having online social contact with current or former patients (White Paper, 2013). This online contact can easily blur lines between professional and personal relationships. Being contacted by a patient does not permit the nurse to participate in a personal relationship. It is always important to consult with ones employer for guidance regarding policies and appropriate work related …show more content…
It is incredibly important that they are aware of the potential consequences of disclosing patient-related information via social media and they must always be mindful of their current employer’s policies. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) laws are clear and strict in setting forth the standard for disclosing patient information. Most patients will never even know that their nurse posted about them on social media but patients should always feel confident that the information shared with their nurse would never leave the room. If the patient does not trust the nurse, they will be reluctant to reveal important information that is crucial to receiv¬ing care for their health condition. HIPAA is clear: confidential information may only be shared with the patient’s informed consent. Federal law defines privacy using HIPAA (HHS, 2002). The regulations are intended to protect patient privacy by clearly defining individually identifiable information and establishing how this information may be used, who may use it, and under what circumstances it may be

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