Essay about Social Medi Case Study On Coca Cola

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Coca-Cola was founded back in 1886 by an Atlanta pharmacist John Pemberton and his book keeper Frank Robinson. The two names the product after the two ingredients used, coca leaves and kola nuts. It wasn’t until 1891 where the product was made available in the United States after Asa Candler acquired the company and in 1898 to Canada and Mexico. Cocoa-Cola is sold in 206 countries and is labeled as the world’s number one selling soft drink brand. In addition to this, they make and or license more than 3,000 drinks and own four of the top five drinks sold around the world!
The case study I selected to do my assignment on is titled “Effectively incorporating social media: Case Study on Coca-Cola” by Laura Mayes. I believe that the key elements in this particular case study is described thoroughly. It identifies the need of social media and how effective the tool is for today’s industry. The case study initially starts off with the history of Coca-Cola and how marketing and advertising was done many decades ago. According to the study, Coca-Cola has had “…over 46 advertising slogans with numerous marketing campaigns to go along with them. 18 Campaigns have focused from sales of the product, quality of the product and moments in life in which coke is present.
In 2010, Expedition 206 set out on a journey to discover what makes people happy. When I think about this, it reminds me of all the marketing strategies Coca-Cola has used in the past, like the Coca-Cola Santa Claus or the…

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