Social Learning Theory And Cognitive Theory Essay example

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Social learning theory is about people learning by observing others. Albert Bandura worked on this theory in the 1960s. After which, he renamed it Social Cognitive Theory in 1986. The theory is based on how we learn from our social experiences. Believing that people learned through observing others behavior, mannerism, attitudes and outcomes of behaviors influenced social learning. Often called the “bridge” between behavioral and cognitive learning theories. Definitions and Concepts
It is hard to speak about Gender Development Theories without mentioning Gender Schema Theory. While there is some correlation to Social Learning Theory and Social Cognitive Theory. Both theories combine learning and cognitive behavior as the bases for proving validity. Gender Schema Theory started as children learning about what it means to be male and female from their culture, which children adjust their behavior to fit in with gender norms and expectations of their culture. Introduced by Sandra Bern in 1981 to explain individuals becoming gendered in society and sex linked characteristics are maintained and transmitted to other members of a culture. A girl raised in a traditional culture might believe getting married and raising children is the only path, an example of gender schema theory. ( Social Learning Theory
Social learning theory used learning theories classical conditioning and operant conditioning. Classical conditioning also known as…

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