Social Interaction And Technology Improved Relationships

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Register to read the introduction… They are a world within a world that allows people to be themselves. People can share photos, ideas, and videos to allow others to stay updated on what is going on currently in their lives and the world. Amitai Etzioni points out “… you can find like-minded people, maybe people who share your illness, people who share your age, who share your religion and have a good visit.” (qtd. in Social Interaction and Technology) This means that communicating with random people can result in new friendships and knowledge. Another thing that has improved relationships is cellphones. Cellphones have allowed people to bring the radio, television, and games with them wherever they go. Technology is also important in keeping in touch with someone who is far away such in college. Students need to be able to keep in contact with people back at home and the most popular way is through social networking sites. Vanden and Roe state that “…it is the distant social network which comprises the freshman's strong ties, because these are the people with whom the freshman shares and exchanges information and (social and practical) support.” Technology could never supersede a relationship, but it enhances it in a way that people can remain close. …show more content…
However, experts contend that it is hindering our society. Far as education goes, numerous people all over the United States believe that cell phones have deleterious effects on students when used in the classroom. Some question whether cell phones will be able to create usable knowledge and skills. The use of proper grammar may diminish because of the abbreviation of so many words and phrases. When students enter the real world, as Jerald Schutte states, “It becomes very difficult…to socialize…” (qtd. in social interaction and technology) However, cellphones

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