Social Enterprise, A New Paradigm For Sustainable Alleviation Of Unemployment

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Research Methods Proforma

1. Student name and regnum

Jessica Marian Onyeka Obioha


2. Working title

The Break Through: Social Enterprise, a New Paradigm for Sustainable Alleviation of Unemployment in Africa.
A Case Study of Nigeria.

3. Statement of your key research objectives

1. To explore the rationale behind youth unemployment in Nigeria.
2. To analyse the methodologies used to address youth unemployment in the UK, in comparison to those in Nigeria, with a particular focus on social entrepreneurship.
3. To evaluate the impact of social enterprises in Nigeria; in line with youth unemployment.
4. Background to the subject

Unemployment has for many years been one of the main consequences of poverty; which in turn is the root of many social tragedies that Nigeria faces today (Adejumola & Olufunmilayo, 2009). Nigeria which inhabits over 173 million people in its different 36 states (TheWorldBankGroup, 2013), is known to be the most popular and richest country in Africa due to its richly natural and human resources. Statistics suggest that Nigeria’s economy is one of the fastest growing in the world (G.P., 2014), ((OBG), 2013) yet in spite of this many graduates, school leavers and those with learning difficulties find themselves struggling to find even the pettiest jobs. The number of people said to be living in poverty in Nigeria is estimated to be over 68% (WHO, 2014) (Falola & Abidogun, 2014), which is quite…

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