Analysis Of Alan Greenblatt's Article Youth Unemployment

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Is education all it’s cut out to be or is it merely a facade masking the downturn in the job market and the ability to develop into independent adults? Alan Greenblatt’s article “Youth Unemployment” explicates the co-dependent relationship between the economy and youth unemployment, while giving a glimpse of prospective future recessions. In the aftermath of the focus being on college education, people are not just becoming destitute of jobs but of adulthood. Young adults unwillingness to take risks grows as, the amount of jobs dwindle and unemployment rates rise, essentially affecting the nations’ economy. We live in a world where most people think one needs to be educated before entering the work force. Would it not be more practical if …show more content…
The indecision of the importance between gaining college education or learning valuable job skills and creating jobs has cost money. Greenblatt reports, “The costs reflect foregone, or lost, federal and state income taxes and Social Security and Medicare revenue, along with welfare and unemployment insurance expenses” (qtd. in Greenblatt 244). The different standings on this have also lead young adults to fall into debt through student loans. Greenblatt states, “With student debt having tripled over the past decade to $1 trillion, some analysts believe it is hampering home sales to first- time buyers” (249). David H. Stevens, chief executive of the Mortgage Bankers Association claims, “It’s going to have an extraordinary dampening effect on young peoples’ ability to borrow for a home, and that’s going to impact the housing market and the econo-my at large” (qtd. in Greenblatt 249). To curtail unemployment, we need to work as a …show more content…
If youth unemployment keeps rising, the harder it will be to reconstruct the economy and start our lives into adults. Youth unemployment is keeping our growth on a personal level and on a national level hampered. Tahir Duckett, National Young-Worker Coordinator, AFL-CIO states, “We’re facing a really dire sort of future in 10 years. That 's what we’re going to continue to see, folks paying for more and more school, incurring more and more debt to fight it out for fewer and fewer jobs” (qtd. in Greenblatt 258). Unless action is taken youth unemployment will keep our youth and economy

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