Effects Of Unemployment As A Social Problem

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A social problem, also known as a social issue is a condition viewed as undesirable by some members of the community. It is also an issue opposed by quite a good number of people in the society. There are several social problems affecting the society today. On one hand, some people may view these social issues as major problems, and on the other hand, some may not see it as a minor problem. Therefore, this paper will discuss a social problem that exists in societies today. The paper will then trace how it came to be a social problem in addition to various changes that contributed to this issue becoming a social problem.
The issue.
Unemployment is a major social problem that affects most people around the globe. In simple terms, unemployment occurs when an individual who is seriously and actively searching for a job is unable to find that job. Unemployment is a good tool for measuring the economic health of a given place. The unemployment rate is the most frequently tool used in measuring unemployment, and it relates to the number of unemployed people divided by the total number of persons within the working labor force. Most countries around the world see unemployment as a major issue affecting their economy. However, there are those countries that
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It has always increased the rate as well as unemployment 's average duration. It happens because companies may not see it as cost effective in retraining some employees for the purpose of keeping with the change, as noted older employees and the less educated individuals may remain jobless for a long-term, in which some of them may not have a chance of working again. Changes in technology results to workers are becoming unemployed for a long duration and more often. As a result, this has not only increased the unemployment rate, but it has also led to a state of the natural

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