Social Emotional Domain

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The image I have chosen reflects a classroom that would allow the students to learn and develop effectively in the social-emotional domain. The social-emotional domain refers to the area of development that focuses on a person’s social skills and their ability to understand not only their own but also other people’s feelings and perspectives (Mid-State Central Early Childhood Direction Center, 2009). It’s important to nurture this development in a classroom setting as it is a fundamental ability in a person’s adult life and without these abilities it can make life difficult (Mid-State Central Early Childhood Direction Center, 2009). I believe that the most efficient way to foster the development of a child’s social-emotional domain
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, 2014). The first is self-worth and it’s what a person thinks of themselves (McLeod S. , 2014). It’s usually something formed in from early experience which means it’s important to create a positive learning environment that enables the children to feel good about themselves and as though they belong in the environment, this will allow the children to more freely socialize and assist in their social-emotional development (Brooks, n.d.). The second component is Self-imagine, this is how we see ourselves (McLeod S. , 2014). This is important in a classroom as a child’s self-image can affect the way they think and function. Both of these components require children to build up resilience and bounce back from failure without affecting their self-worth or self-image (Brooks, n.d.). The third is Ideal-self, which is what the person would like to be (McLeod S. , 2014). This has a huge importance in a classroom because as the educator it is your job to assist the children and try and help them achieve their goals (Brooks, n.d.). If all these components are handled well it allows the children to feel confident and enables them to actively develop in the social-emotional

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