Social Conflict: The Conflict Between Rohingya And Myanmar

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Rohingya people, one of the world most persecuted minorities. It is a minority race which is mostly Muslim that live in Myanmar, a country that its main religion is Buddhism. The conflict between the Rohingya and Myanmar has been occurred for a long time, which can be traced back to the 20th century during the time period of World War II.
The Rohingya people have been living in Myanmar as early as 12th century according to historians and the Rohingya people. The amount of Rohingya people migration from India and Bangladesh increase during the time the British rules Myanmar. After the independence of Myanmar, Rohingya people have been view as ‘illegal’.
Their citizenship has been denied since 1982, meaning that the people are now stateless in Myanmar. The range of their daily
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The Rohingya migration is not only the matter of the religion but also the hatred towards them while the hatred has been passing down by their ancestors.
The Rohingya Migration issue did relate to one of our theoretical framework in the sociology course which is the conflict approach. This approach focus on the inequality and change in the society which is now the Rohingya people is facing right now. It is based on the social change which is the problem left by British and the hatred towards each other. Both sides of the people view the other side as a terrorist as they stand in a different aspect.
Other than that, the government of Myanmar should also take action on this issue. They have responsibility in this issue, so they can have a meeting about the Rohingya people and also how they should settle down the refugees in the other country like Bangladesh. Instead of settling down the refugee, they also need to propagate accurate information of Rohingya people and stop to misleading the

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