Romani Culture Compare And Contrast Essay

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Romani and Egyptian culture are much more than what the western general public perceives. Romani culture is more than just being nomads that go wherever they please. They have their own set of values and traditions, just like any other culture, as do the Egyptians. Egyptian culture is very different than Romani culture, yet they are comparable. Their religion, geography, traditions, and some ideologies are extremely different, but some parallels can be drawn from their music and dance.
Even though Gypsies are known to be nomads, most of them only travel for festivals. Like many ethnic groups before them, they migrated to other countries in search of a better life. During the fourteenth and fifteenth century, the Romani immigrated to Europe, and during the eighteenth century they migrated to Russia, Hungary, and Romania (Mantras 86). After the World War II, Roms migrated to Sweden and other countries from Poland (Mantras 86). The reason Gypsies are seen as
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The Romani like to used clarinets for their high pitch sounds, even though they originally were only used if the dulcimer was already present (Piotrowska, Torr 19). Egyptians were the ones to developed the double clarinet, even though the origin of the clarinet is unknown (Sachs 91). Both use the clarinet in their music, even if gypsies have a less informal teaching of the instrument. Clarinets are not the only instruments they shared or were familiar, they also share the harp. The romani use and make (usually to sell in Egypt) the modern harp (Sinclair 209). At one point in history the Egyptians considered the harp to be their most prized instrument (Sachs

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