Society And Culture Of The Inca Empire Essay

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Society and Culture
The society of the Inca Empire was based on two classes: the ruling class and the peasants. The emperor was referred to as ‘Inca’ or ‘Sapa Inca’. His meals were served from golden dishes. The Inca never wore one cloth twice. The noblemen hailed from the capital Cusco, and they aided the emperor in governance.
Most inhabitants were farmers (Andrushko et al. 2006: 63). They produced their food and clothes. The major crops grown were tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and squash. The peasants also domesticated guinea pigs, dogs, llamas, and ducks. The llama provided them with wool and transportation services. In terms of communication, the Inca spoke in the Quechua language and did not know how to write. However, they were able to use quips (made from strings with systems of knots) to record harvest.
They were skilful in handicrafts, and their women were amazing at weaving. They could weave clothes and tunics. Their males were great at metal works. They extracted metal from ores by heating and melting (Lee 1986: 48). These metals were used to manufacture tools and weapons. Interestingly, the Inca were also good at construction and architecture. Large networks of roads were built in the entire empire. They also created suspensions bridges and tunnels across the valleys. In turn, this evinces that they had technology to build Sacsahuaman.
With regard to religion, they worshipped many gods from nature (Andrushko et al. 2006: 81). The Inca had the sun, thunder, and…

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