Peruvian Culture

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To all you shoppers, did you know that some of Vineyard Vines shirts are made in Peru? Peru has one of the best cottons and wools made from alpaca and llamas. Peruvians are pretty cool to, they have a lot of really cool customs that may be different some American culture. My family follows Peruvian culture all the way from the U.S. Many people don’t know much about Peruvian culture, but that’s about to change.
First of all, you should probably know a little about Peru before we go into the culture. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, out of 30,148,000 people 1/3 are of mixed heritage, 1/8 are of European descendants, and there is a smaller number of Japanese and colored citizens. Machu Picchu, the Incan citadel is located in between our sierra (mountains) and selva (rainforest). Peru also exports a lot of
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Our most popular dances are salsa, marinera, huayno, cumbia, and bachata. Peruvian citizens are very patriotic, and love Peru. Telenovelas, or Spanish soap operas filled with drama, romance, and action are very popular at night. Peru is also known for their famous seafood dish, ceviche. Peruvian dishes all go very well with our milk, cheese, and hot pepper sauce called huancaina. One of our famous meats is anticuchos, or cow heart. Many Peruvian customs and traditions are interesting. Moreover, even though I might live in the United States my family still follows Peruvian culture. My mom used to be a professional volleyball player for the Peruvian team since volleyball is a common sport for women. In Peru Spanish soap operas are very popular and it is in my home too! Another popular thing in my home and Peruvian culture is we rarely eat out. There are so many Peruvian dishes that your family could eat a different meal every day of the year! My family is very close to the Peruvian culture since both of my parents are from

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