Burma (Myanmar: The Most Isolated Country Of The World

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Burma (Myanmar) was an independent for the last 14 years until the rise of the military dictatorship which led them being isolated from their country. Burma is known to be the second most isolated country in the world due to the large part of the military dictatorship. The reason why I chose this topic is because my parents, my aunt, and my uncle grew up there. When I was a child, I never understood the background story or the life of Myanmar that my parents told me. Even today, I still do not understand what is going on in Myanmar because my parents always told me how horrible that country was and that I was lucky to be born in Canada. I never really bothered listening to their story because the story is so depressing, that I got sick of hearing …show more content…
Burma has seen shift toward there independent in 1948 due to large part of Burmese people were not happy about how they were treated by British. In the year of 1824-1885, British have ruled every part of Burma from social, economic, cultural and administrative. This angered many the Burmese because many of the British people were not respecting the Burmese culture and traditions. For example it was rule for the Burmese people to remove their shoes to show respect in the temple but the British refused to remove their shoes (Myanmar from Wikipedia, n.d., p. 7). As a result, there large protests and violent riots mainly to blame on the British. Burma had his first chief minister named Ba Maw during the times on 1937-1939. At that time Burma become its own administered for the first time and was separated for British. Ba Maw was supporter for the Burmese people and was totally opposed about the idea of Burma entering in World War II (Cockett, 2015, p. 48). He was late charge to jail for rebellion to the colonial authorities of opinion toward Burma entering the war. During 1947, Aung San was known to be icon hero for the Burmese people he was the one that “negotiated Panglong Agreement with ethnic leader that guaranteed the independence of Myanmar as a unified state” (Myanmar from Wikipedia, n.d., p. 8). It was Aung San dream to see Burma being liberty from the Britain but wasn’t able to see it unfold. During July 1947, …show more content…
The military was again partly to be blame for the economy crisis of Burma. One fact that Burma economy is lack is due to poor infrastructure such as old building, roads and railway not repair since 19th century. The energy shortage is really common in Burma. In the country it state that have only 25% have electricity (Myanmar from Wikipedia, n.d., p. 21). Which is problem when someone need electricity to cook there foods and other usages. This lack a management by the government since most of the stakeholders are current own by the military which include some of important resource such as oil production, consumer goods when being transport and tourism. This again a serious problem because there not spread the wealth in their country, but instead the military are keeps to themselves which lead to problem to the growth of Burma. In addition, there is inflation problem in Burma which shown an “inflation average 30.1% between 2005 and 2007” (Myanmar from Wikipedia, n.d., p. 21). Moreover, have serious problem in trade because it has shown that on 2010-2011 that Burma has import $179 millions on medicine and medical equipment than

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