War Is Never Good Essay

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War is Never Good
War is a destruction which can be performed with weapons or without weapons. It is caused by several reasons such as inequality and religion. War has never contributed in creating something; it always advocates disaster. War is itself an evil and is on the top of many kinds of evil like unemployment, illness, poverty, illiteracy and instability. Conflict has never done well to anyone. Because of war, peaceful environment fades away. Many people are severely suffering because of the war. I am against war because it destroys human life and unity among people and increases economic and social shortages and pushes us towards unemployment and it exploits the environment and degrades the health of living beings.
War results in several consequences which is mainly caused by religious intolerance. Fighting has never done well to anyone; many people get injured
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It requires a lot of economic stability. War results in economic instability. Stock market goes down. Investing a lot on war results in ignorance towards the important factors like education and health. According to huffingtonpost.com because of war, public debt and levels of taxation increases. The link also talks about how consumption and investment as a percentage of GDP decreased. Inflation increased directly because of the conflicts. The crowding out effects of disproportionate government spending on military function can affect service delivery or infrastructure development, ultimately affecting long term growth rates. It also says that investing in military is not as productive as investing in other prerequisites. All the developmental activities remained stopped they cannot be processed further. People lose their jobs and unemployment increases which takes the economy downward. Poverty also takes an inclination which leads a country towards the failure. People loses their motivation to work hard. War has lots of negative impacts on productivity of the

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