Social And Economic Consequences Of The Great War Essay

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The Great War was a time that made history what it is today. There were so many different events that happened during this time that we will never forget. Included in these different events there were many different consequences, a lot of negative ones at that. These negative effects have really taken a toll on many of the countries that participated in this war. More than 9 million soldiers died fighting for what they believed was right. Germany and Russia , big contributors to this war, lost more than 2 million of their soldiers. The most prominent consequences of this war were political, social, and economic. All of the following consequences were very much needed to keep a good standing society and when these things are taken down, so …show more content…
To begin with, almost all the countries that participated in this war were on the verge of being put into debt. The reason for this was because of all the land and supplies they had lost and all of that amounted to a lot, almost more than they could all afford. 2 of the countries that had to pay a major amount of money were Germany and Great Britain. Germany and Great Britain had to pay 60% of their own money that was needed to help the economy, but was instead needed to pay for a lot of damage that was caused by them. An effect of all the money that was needed to pay was raising taxes in these societies . This took a major toll on the people in these societies. Many people became bankrupt and lost their houses and jobs. While this money was being raised and taken essentially from civilians, countries were in a way wasting it by spending this hard earned money on different necessities needed for war that weren’t the issue at the time. This money was definitely more needed to help the economies stay alive at this time. Because of the bad spending on money and taxes being raised and all different types of problems with the money alone, inflation was caused. Europe as a whole was so badly into debt that their economy just flat out crashed and burned, in a matter of speaking. Europe was a huge part of the Great War and a huge continent in general that this came as a big shock to the nation. They so …show more content…
Some of them more major than others depending on which countries they effected. Overall, all the countries that participated in World War 1 suffered many different horrific consequences.

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