Political Consequences Of The Great War Essay

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The Great War was a time that made history what it is today. There were so many different events that happened during this time that we will never forget. Included in these different events there were many different consequences, a lot of negative ones at that. These negative effects have really taken a toll on many of the countries that participated in this war. More than 9 million soldiers died fighting for what they believed was right. Germany and Russia , big contributors to this war, lost more than 2 million of their soldiers. The most prominent consequences of this war were political, social, and economic. All of the following consequences were very much needed to keep a good standing society and when these things are taken down, so …show more content…
When the war ended the Treaty of Versailles was put into play and became a huge part of the aftermath. It stated that Germany needed to make very major concessions that had a lot to do with the territory they owned and had. Many different parts of Germany were the start or cause of any of the conflicts and fighting between Germany and France. Even though Germany won many of these disputes, France and Great Britain joined together to take and seize power to other countries that Germany owned, mostly the Middle East. Since Poland was a very major part of the Great War, it was granted land from Germany and Russia. Another event that took place was, Austria Hungary was now split up into many different independent states. The 2 major new states made were Austria and Hungary, separate states. They were generally forced because of all the outside pressure many other countries of the Great War were giving them. Since the end of World War 1 a new socialist revolution had started in Germany, it was called the German Revolution. This German Revolution lasted until Hitler seized power and began his reign in the early 1930s. All of these political consequences were because of the Great War and all the hardship it

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