The Effects Of Turning Points On Europe

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There have been many turning points throughout history that have greatly influenced and changed not only European society, but societies around the world. Two events that were major turning points in history are the outbreak of the bubanic plague and the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand. These events sparked major changes due to the number of people who were effected by the results of the events. The bubanic plague had devastating effects on the social and economic lifestyles of Europeans, while the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand had consequential effects on the major powers at the time. The bubanic plague devastated many aspects of European life. Approximately 1/3 of the population died as a result of this disease. It is …show more content…
The war left countries finantually and physically devastated. The war started as a result of tensions between Serbia and Austria. Austria became scared that Serbia would weaken its empire due to the fact that it had recently doubled its size and there was a growing demand for the union of all southern slavs including those who lived under the rule of the Austrian empire (Document 7a). Austria wanted to go to war with Serbia as a preventative measure to stop its growing power and because it feared the slavic people within its empire would rebel. It hoped war would help protect its power and the stability of the empire. When Archduke Ferdinand was shot by a Yugoslav nationalist, Austria jumped at the opportunity and soon declared war on Serbia. Russia also a Slavic area would come to Serbia’s aid, and Germany would come to Austria’s. This war that started in the Balkans would turn into a world war. This war was a turning point, because it was a different type of warfare and it involved the major powers. As depicted in document 8a trench warfare was used in this war and other technological warfare techniques such as poison gas were also used. This war used many war techniques that were not seen before making it one of the deadliest wars to date. As the war came to a close many things were changed that had an important effect on all countries that were involved. Germany was forced to pay heavy reparations to the Allies, or the countries who “won” the war, and they were forced to accept the War Guilt Clause, which stated that Germany took full responsibility for starting the war. There were also many changes to the boundaries in Europe. The country of Poland was created, the country of Czechoslovakia was created, the country of Yugoslavia was created, and Austria and Hungary became two separate states. Many particularly in Germany thought provisions of

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