A Historical Turning Point At The End Of World War II Essay

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A Historical Turning Point

At the end of World War II, civilization experienced a major historical turning point that would lead to much fear and controversy about the morality of our combat related decisions. It sparked more than that though, and even led to the end of WWII as a whole; stunning anyone who saw such devastation. It inspired many to wish for peace, to desire that the mass killings stop. The cause of these events were the nuclear bombing of Japan in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The United States was moving inward toward mainland Japan quickly, but the battles grew longer and more bloody each time the forces met. The United States longed for a solution to ending the war quicker with less casualties on the whole between both sides. They considered some tactics like fire bombings and chemical weapons, but both of those seemed largely inhumane due to the extended pain and suffering it would cause. Another solution was proposed though. One most experts, aside those who didn 't desire to tarnish the name of this new form of energy, agreed would work the best. We had finally done extensive research on radioactive energy and different applications were being pursued. The government decided the first and foremost outsource of this knowledge would be to the creation of atomic weapons. Now, with the committee passing the decision upon nuclear warfare, they established a group, known as The Manhattan Project, to research and come up with designs for the weapon.…

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