How Did The Civil War Affect People's Lives

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How did the tensions of the Civil War in the 1860’s affect people’s lives? I’m going to explain the three groups that were affected most by the war. These three groups were soldiers, African-Americans, and medical staff. I believe that it affected some groups slightly more than others, but generally around the same. First, we are gonna start with soldiers. How did the Civil War affect soldiers? Well, probably the most obvious and heart-breaking result that occurred, death. As they were getting deployed into different parts of the country, they were getting separated from their families and loved ones. Over ⅔’s of children with fathers, after the war was over, were left fatherless. Just like some soldiers of today’s wars, they were thrown …show more content…
Most African-Americans in the south were used as sacrificial soldiers. Basically, they would stay on the front line so that they would die before any other soldiers. Of course, they especially weren’t treated as equals. Most African-American soldiers received a lot lower pay compared to the white soldiers. If the soldiers weren’t being used, then they would be held in slavery until they needed to be used. To make it even worse, they were given all the second-hand equipment. For example, they would receive all the guns that were broken, or would jam easily.

How did the war affect Medical Staff? First off, the medical staff is one of the great reasons that the Union won the Civil War. During the war, everyday surgeons would perform amputations and other medical procedures on the soldiers. They had thousands of lives on the line with the job of trying to save them. Most surgeons and medical staff would have to just watch their own men die because they couldn’t do anything. Some jobs were just to comfort dying soldiers so they could go off easy. Many injured soldiers died in hospitals. In conclusion, most effects of the war were negative. Many deaths, orphans, bankruptcy, and insanity were the results of the war. But there was some good that occurred, for example, the Union won the war and the country was once again “united.” But then again, after the war America lost one of their greatest leaders of all time, Abraham

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