Rohingya Essay

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Who are the Rohingya?
The Rohingyas are said to be one of the most ill-treated minority in the world.
They are a race of whom most are Muslim. They have been living in Myanmar (a Buddhist majority country) for many years. The language, used for communication for the Rohingyas is “Rohingya” or “Ruaingga”. This language is different from what is spoken across the Rakhine and Myanmar. The country Myanmar has about 135 ethnic groups but the Rohingyas are not considered to be a part of them, and they have been rejected to be the citizen of the country since the year 1982 and have been state-less since. Most of the Rohingya in the country are in the western side of the Rakhine state and are restricted to move without the government’s or the authority’s permission. In recent times, the violence and ill-treatment on the Rohingya has increased so much which forced them to flee the country by boat or on land to its adjacent countries.

Where are the Rohingya from?
According to many historians and scholars the Muslim settlers have been living in present day Myanmar since the 12th century. During the British period there was many laborer’s relocating from Bangladesh and India to present
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The country did not recognize them as one of the 135 ethnic-groups. The simplest form of the law was that the Rohingya had to give proof that at least one of their descendent use to live before 1948 and be fluent in their national language. This law was difficult for the Rohingya to follow either because they did not have the proper documentation, or they were denied having them. This problem has forced the Rohingyas to abandon their rights to work, get married, study, practice their own faith and religion, health services. They were not allowed to vote, and they were identified as foreigner which limits them from profession such as office workers or on court to practice law or even practicing

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