Foua Yang Reflection

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Foua Yang, Lia’s mother is an intricate character formed by the trials she has faced in her life and her rich culture. All of this attributed to the way she cares deeply for Lia and remains faithful to her Hmong culture. Our personalities are similar in many ways, so if I were to be the social worker of this case I feel as though I could relate and gain trust from Foua in order to better care for Lia and respect the Hmong culture in the process.
Lia’s mom, Foua and I have a lot in common as far as what we are passionate about, but are very different in life experience. Foua cares so deeply for her daughter Lia. She is constantly doing what is best for her, and is a selfless woman in many ways. She sacrifices her own desires for the sake
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Once, I hit that point in the reading I feel as though I took on more of a social work perspective. Focusing less on trying to “fix” or “change” the individual and focusing more on innovating/ changing the system, so that the problem is less likely to harm more individuals in the future. I sympathize with Foua greatly, and I see a lot of my passions and qualities in the way she cares for people, but I think our greatest commonality is that we love deeply. I don’t want to romanticize that quality because it can sometimes lead to heartache. I have seen this in my own life, and realized in in the life of Foua throughout her character journey. Her selflessness at times leads to her own demise. At one point it caused her to be suicidal. (INSERT REFERENCE). It has never reached this extreme in my own life, but I can empathize with her in the way that her endless serving of others can cause her to neglect/ wear down herself. It can be emotionally and physically draining if not tended. As I mentioned before my family and friends are very important to me, and thankfully they know this about me, so they know when to make me slow down. Jeanine was that person for Foua at times. This is clearly evident in her, as she relentless cares for Lia, despite the odds. Foua and I are similar in selfless tendencies, caretaking, …show more content…
Lia is Foua’s prized possession. Especially in terms of how much care Lia requires, she becomes Foua’s life. She cherishes her and loves her unconditionally, and sacrifices all sense of self for the care of her daughter. Foua find her sole satisfaction in being a Hmong mother. This is evident throughout her entire journey, even from the beginning. Foua is originally from Laos. They then escaped to Thailand because of the persecution they faced during the Vietnman War in 1979. Some of the Hmong people acted as informants and helped in the fight against communism, but because of this they were labeled as traiters. They them moved to the

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