Rohingya Conclusion And Analysis

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Thousands of muslims rohingya have escape from Myanmar, many of them are crossing by land into the border of Bangladesh. while some others choose to take the sea to reach others countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. The discriminatory policies of the myanmar government in rakhin state, which have caused hundred of thousands of rohingya to flee sinced the late 1970s. Their plight has been compounded by the responses of many of Myanmar’s neighbors, which have been slow to take in refugees for fear of a migrant influx they feel incapable of handling.

1. Background

The Rohingya are an ethnic muslim minority group who settling down in Myanmar’s western rakhine state. They are adopting the religion of sunni islam. The estimated
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The Conclusion and Analysis According to the main contents and the background above. The Rohingya are started to settled in myanmar, in nineteenth and early twentieth centuries when rakhine state territory were still governed by colonial rule of British India. And before the independence of Myanmar itself. With historical background of the Rohingya, the government of Myanmar should be recognize the Rohingya as their people with no exception.

And from my perspective, with violence by the government of Myanmar againts the Rohingya. Is really not deflect the value of democracy, very intolerance. it was very clear that the Rohingya is the part of the myanmar people since colonial time. And as the accusation of the rohingya people raping and killing buddhist women is really not proving much. From my opinion Myanmar using this case as a genocide of ethnic cleansing, because the Government of myanmar not recognize the Rohingyas as their people and using religion as a cover. And honestly i’m really ashamed to the myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi, who really quiet and silent about this matter, it seems that she doesn’t want to care about the Rohingya Problem. The Nobel peace prize that she awarded it has to be questionable because of the Rohingya

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