Social Cognitive Theory In Advertising Campaigns

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Nowadays, communication theories play a primary role in any ad campaigns, since they function to structure and thread the plot of ad campaigns, buttress any decision making (including the choice of the soundtrack, cast, and setup, etc. ), as well as boost the message 's effects. In this theory analysis, I will mainly talk about Dove’s ad campaign - My Beauty My Say. The ad campaign features six women with different ethnicities, occupations, dressing styles, ages, body types, and appearances, talking to the camera about their disbelief in the stereotypical notion of beauty, which can hugely interfere with women’s career goals and life goals. Towards the end of the clip, the powerful slogan “My beauty, my say.” comes up as the ending of the ad. …show more content…
Social Cognitive Theory states that when people observe a model performing a behavior and the consequences of that behavior, they memorize the sequence of events and use this information as a guidance for their future behaviors. In particular, the rewarded behaviors are more likely to be modeled.
The former Communication and Information Sciences Distinguished Research Professor at the University of Alabama, Jennings Bryant and his colleagues assert that thought and behavior are determined by three different factors that interact and influence each other with variable strength, including behavior, personal characteristics such as cognitive and biological qualities (eg., IQ, gender, height, or race), and environmental factors or events (Bryant, 57 ). “Social Cognitive theory emphasizes the importance of these unique human characteristics, known as the symbolizing, self-regulatory, self-reflective, and vicarious capacities” (Bryant, 58), speaking about human cognitions, they suggest that different audiences with different mental capabilities might receive the messages from the ad differently. Furthermore, when it comes to social factors, the authors suggest that the messages conveyed in the ad can be able to lead the audiences to embrace a certain thought or conduct some

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