Social Class Enslavement

Social Class Enslavement
Social class status possesses a profound domination over the quality of education one can receive and the capability of certain individuals receiving an education at all.

The “hood”, also referred to as the “projects” are known as the other side of the tracks where the minority groups are inhabited. Many of these people live in a daily struggle for survival. There are a lot of areas in the projects where there are the highest crime rates, people sell drugs to make enough of an untaxed income that will put food on the table. Women sell their bodies to make extra cash, young men and women are taught to “hustle”. Often times children are led to believe that the world is at their fingertips. In a way, they are brainwashed
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Many are beginning to fall under the impression that college may actually be a scam and there are other ways of making money without being justified by a degree certificate. I strongly believe that a college education is imperative simply because one’s knowledge is instilled in them forever, they cannot be deprived of it. Despite my beliefs on education however, I understand why some people are beginning to form this conclusion. Parents and teachers at times lead children to believe that they can become anyone they want in life with a degree but these children are not always informed of the factors that go into education, such as tuition and fees until their senior year of highschool. The cost of a college tuition is is a major factor, along with the many other college expenses. Mike Rose, a professor of education and information studies at UCLA, was able to experience life in the lower class. Growing up, he got the opportunity to observe his mother’s waitressing job. As a child he didn’t quite understand the mental and physical skill required for his mother’s area of expertise. As an adult he later recognized …show more content…
Today’s lower class youth are required by law to attend school up until the high school level then which they have the option of dropping out. Many of them drop out for various reasons. Some drop out to help parents financially, others simply do not see themselves fit to be college attendees, but there is still one major reason. The cost of a college education, which plays an immense role in contributing to the fact that some people view college as a scam. Although some can, the average working class poor family can not afford to put their children through college, especially if there is more than one child. This causes the expectation of receiving a college degree to be less conventional in the working class to lower middle class families. Obtaining a college degree is more expected of a person of wealth or of the upper class. This is because the cost of attendance is feasible to obtain. They can afford to send their children to the “best” schools and allow them to receive the “best” education. As stated above, the costs of going to college is what prohibits a majority of people from having enough funds to attend. If you fall into the higher middle class or upper class category then the cost may be the least of your worries . If you can afford it then the more likely you are to attend. Gerald Graff, an english education professor at the University

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