Summary: The Social Benefits Of Sports For Teens

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The Social Benefits of Sports for Teens
There are a lot of teens who participate in sports in their middle school, as well as high school years. Playing sports is a good way to allow kids to be in different physical activities. Sports such as basketball, football, and baseball help children to learn and enhance on certain life skills. Being a part of any sport team takes hard work and discipline. A big advantage of playing sports is that you gain a lot of skills that help you to be successful in your future. Sports is a way for teens to be better well-rounded when it comes to things such as time management and leadership skills. Participation in activities and sports helps teens to gain social skills and increase self-confidence.
Overall, sports
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It can hurt your social life if you allow it to. It mainly affects young people because of the many transitions that go on such as puberty, transitioning from middle school to high school, and things such as the separation of parents, and moving. Research has shown that playing sports can really benefit teens because during times of “hormonal changes” and “challenging social relationships” because being on a sports team helps you to have stability. With having the same teammates and a coach who is dependable and trustworthy, there is never a time where you feel like that is no one who cares for you. A usual sports team is built off of a support system and this is a good way for teens to become more confident and happy with themselves. In general, physical activity has been proven to reduce symptoms of depression in short term. Also, it’s been proven that the earlier on a child starts playing a sport, or participating in physical activity, the better is for their mental health. School sports are a way for teens to be involved in their school and it is a good way to stay physically active. Being involved with school based sports is a helpful way to lower the possibility for future depression in adolescents. It is one of the opportunities that allow teens to interact with their peers in a fun and productive …show more content…
Key values such as responsibility and organization are exercised frequently when you participate in sports. You learn how to be responsible on a sports team by showing up to practice on time and by attending the game days when you have competitions. Being responsible will take you a long way in life. People will respect you because of your consistency in being a responsible person and there will be special opportunities that you will get only because you’re a responsible and dependable person. Also, organization is something that people struggle with every day. Things like time management skills are affected by how organized you are. When you become a neat person and when you have things like schedules that you follow every day, this shows just how organized you are. Your life becomes less of a clutter when you do this. Participating in sports can really help you to learn how to stay

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