Snatch Weightlifting Movement Analysis

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Set the bar to the mid thigh level on the Smith Machine. Load the bar appropriately and hold it with pronated hands. Use wrist wraps for heavy lifts. Lift the bar with straight back and extended arms. Now move to the standing position with a narrow posture. Now lower the bar with straight knees, but only bend at the waist with a stiff back. Stop only when you stretch your hamstrings. Reverse the motion to again stand straight.
Snatch Deadlift
It is the first part of snatch weightlifting. Select a suitable weight and then hold the barbell in a wide grip on a platform. With the feet set under the hips, perform a squat with the back extended properly. Raise the hips to lift the weight initially. Drive the barbell with the hips as it crosses the knees. Return the
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Put one leg in front and one back to achieve this posture. Flex the body through the knees and lower the hips as well to put pressure on the hamstrings. Reverse the direction when you have descended to stand back up. Quickly jump again to perform the squats with alternating feet position.
Standing Hamstring and Calf Stretch
Use a belt or a band and place it around one foot. Now put this foot slightly ahead of the body. Now bend the other leg while keeping the banded leg straight. Raise this foot and lean as much forward as possible. Now pull the foot by using the band and hold the posture for fifteen seconds. Repeat with the other foot.
Standing Leg Curl
Adjust the machine according to your body and lie on it while bending at the waist. Put the body at an angle of around thirty to forty degrees according to your comfort. Place the padded lever on one leg. Now bend forward to completely stretch the leg and use the handles to control your body. With straight toes, exhale and move the leg on the lever up while keeping the other one on the machine. Hold at the maximum position and then return. Repeat with the other leg.
Standing Toe

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