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Vasovagal Syncope, Adult

Syncope, which is commonly known as fainting or passing out, is a temporary loss of consciousness. It occurs when the blood flow to the brain is reduced. Vasovagal syncope, which is also called neurocardiogenic syncope, is a fainting spell that happens when blood flow to the brain is reduced because of a sudden drop in heart rate and blood pressure.

Vasovagal syncope is usually harmless. However, you can get injured if you fall during a fainting spell.

This condition is caused by a drop in heart rate and blood pressure, usually in response to a trigger. Many things and situations can trigger an episode, including:



The sight of blood. This may occur during medical procedures, such as when
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Your health care provider may recommend ways to help you avoid fainting triggers and may provide home strategies to prevent fainting. These may include:

Drinking additional fluids if you are exposed to a possible trigger.

Sitting or lying down if you have warning signs of an oncoming episode.

If your fainting spells continue, your health care provider may recommend you:

Take medicines to prevent fainting or to help reduce further episodes of fainting.

Do certain exercises.

Wear compression stockings.

Surgery to place a pacemaker (rare).


Learn to identify the warning signs of vasovagal syncope.

Sit or lie down at the first warning sign of a fainting spell. If you sit down, put your head down between your legs. If you lie down, swing your legs up in the air to increase blood flow to the brain.

Avoid hot tubs and saunas.

Avoid standing for a long time. If you have to stand for a long time, try:

Crossing your legs.

Flexing and stretching your leg muscles.


Moving your legs.

Bending over.

Drink enough fluid to keep your urine clear or pale

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