Situational Leadership : An Effective Leadership Essay

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Situational Leadership Research Paper Outline
Denise Watson
Professor Anderson
September 15, 2015

The situational leadership model in essence suggests that there is nothing like a one size fits all approach with regards to leadership. Therefore, depending on the situation at hand ,there are varying levels of management and leadership that are deemed necessary. However, all leaders are encouraged to first identify their most vital priorities or tasks with regard to leadership and management. Again, the same leaders ought to consider their own readiness levels along with the readiness levels of their followers by simply analyzing the group’s willingness and abilities. As a result, depending on these kinds of variables, all leaders ought to apply the most effective leadership style that is best suited to the given situation. Situational leadership is divided into four types which include directing, coaching, supporting and delegating.
Why I chose this topic?
Much as there are other contingency theories of leadership that could be adopted for the purpose of this research, the situational leadership model was the most ideal. This is because it is the perfect representation of how leadership should be, ideally based on the situation at hand and the level of willingness of the people that are being led in the process. Before reading chapter 13 from the textbook Leadership Enhancing the Lessons of Experience, I was not familiar with…

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