Situation Analysis on Dr. Tim's Dog Food Essay

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ADV 411 Group Project

Denise McGaughey
Sierra Fazeks
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Trish Newell
James Regnier
Situation Analysis for Dr. Tim’s Dog Food:

What’s going on inside the company?
-Momentum dog food created and directly distributed for mushers

What are the company’s goals and objectives? * Increased distribution to retail stores, the Internet, and global distribution

What boundaries have the company set? * Not many boundaries, other than concern for brand identity, and not wearing the company resources too thin

What is my company good at? * Dr. Tim’s dog food has a focus of being “all-natural, veterinary standard” kibble * Direct link to those Dr. Tim wishes to sell to

Are there any
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Dr. Tim’s would also have to keep in mind of this target group’s income. Out of 7,989,380 different incomes across Canada, 7,799,670 of those incomes are $10,000 and up per year. That Income has the highest number of incomes in Canada. Only 174, 930 of 7,989,380 incomes earn $250,000 a year. So Dr. Tim’s has to really explain why it’s a smart and important decision to spend that extra money to purchase healthier food for their dogs.

-Because of the fact that there are a lot of active dogs, and dogs that are active in sports, there are an increasing customer demand for dog food that is healthy and good for their dogs. For some sled teams, not only in Alaska, but also in Norway needed a specific formula to feed their dogs so that they could be up to their optimal potential, and not be slowed down by ingredients that are bad for them. Dr. Tim Hunt decided to make his own formula that met all of the needs for an active dog, and the realized the need for not only an active dog formula, but everything from an active to a regular pet. Since more and more consumers are starting to worry about what's in their pets foods, Hunt realized that he had a really sizeable market. Because of Hunt's experience, training and social connections, it would be hard to duplicate his formula and have people trust it.


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