Single Parent Parents And Their Different Relationships And Parenting Styles

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What is a single parent father? A single parent father is one who has not been married, or has been divorced, and completes most of the daily duties in raising a child and/or children. For the purpose of this paper I have located four articles that discuss single parent fathers and their different relationships and parenting styles. Although much of what you see on the surface today are single parent mothers, single parent fathers do indeed still exist. One of the studies I found states that in most cases, the single parent fathers are doing better than the single parent mothers in just about every role each of them take on as a parent.
In the first article I found they compared the differences in the roles, relationships, and the way the child functioned among single-mother, single-father, as well as complete families. Parents and children completed interviews concerning family structure, economic strain, co-parenting, social network, child functioning, and behavior problems. According to Hilton, J. M., Desrochers, S., & Devall, E. L. single fathers had better resources than single mothers they also had, more positive parenting than married fathers, and relied more on their friends than on married parents. Most of the single mothers had “less education, less prestigious jobs, lower incomes, and more economic strain than other parents” (Hilton, J. M., Desrochers, S., & Devall, E. L. (2001). Single parent mothers also had fewer resources, and more difficulty than married…

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