Single Mothers

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The project of Katheryn Edin’s essay, “What Do Low-Income Single Mothers Say About Marriage,” is that there are more reason as to why low-income mothers have low marriage rates. These low-income women have grown independent and refuses to marry another individual even if it meant for the hopes of financial stability. The factors of affordability, respectability, trust and the possibility of domestic violence have heavily reflected reasons as to why these womens become single low-income mothers.
One of the first things Edin discuss about is the idea where single mothers consider affordability as it is commonly known as males are the normally known for being an important source of income. And if the men do not live up to the expectations then
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These mothers marry their husbands thinking that he would never intend to do any harm to them, but in some case, that is not true at all. There are many cases where the women are physically abused during their pregnancy which several of those “mothers report of having miscarriages” from it (Edin 397). These abuses may mentally effect the mother and also effect the children living in this kind of situation as well. When it begins to affect their children’s well-being, the mothers leave their husband as it may continue to make a horrible influence on the children and have a mental effect on them. There are many clues as to “why there is so much domestic violence among poor parents” (Edin 397) where one is the fathers fear in their inability to provide which explains the abuse the women receive during pregnancy. Another clue could be that “crime-ridden, inner-city neighborhood,” which connects to the “family violence as a carryover from street violence” (Edin 397). The environment of where these parents live in may possibly affect the mental states of the men making them more violence than they would normally be. As they are surrounded by so much violence, it may possibly grow onto them making them violent towards their partner. The violence reflected in the family may be imposed into the children thinking that beating up the wife is good and the right thing to do because my father can do it. This may lead to a never-ending cycle of violence where it may passed on to the future

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