Single Parent Research Paper

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The plight of the single parent is one of our most difficult social problems. Single parent households are the fastest growing category of all family units. Approximately one out of every four children will spend some part of their childhood under eighteen living with a single parent. This single parenthood occurs because of death, divorce or separation. If it is any reason, it will affect the partner as well as the children.
Single Parent Mothers: If the single parent is a mother, she may face the conflict between the continuing role of mother and additional role of worker outside the home. After the loss of father, it is common for children to increase their demands which come at a time when the mother is
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This is very damaging to their self concepts unless they live with other such children. They are most hurt by divorce when their love is divided and when they suffer from anxiety of the uncertainties a custody is fought in court and it is decided to live with both alternately. There are also signs that children who have gone through a divorce have problems with depression (mood), emotional stress, difficulties in school. Problems like these however may not be because of the parent who raise them, but can be linked to other things that are also related to single parenting. When there is only one parent, the family is often less weak of financially and this is the main reason for so many family problems. The effect of coming lower education levels, lower economic achievement and even leave the child isolated and lonely. Present and future security of a child is threatened. He experiences feeling of uncertainty and loneliness. Children have so many needs that one parent alone has a difficult time meeting those …show more content…
A child with a poor self esteem is less able to bounce back from the effects of lost parent. All of these have a curative effect on the child who has no support resource to handle it. Along with this we can see that there are other problems faced by the children, crime and delinquency, depression and suicide, drug and alcohol abuse, emotional and behavioural problems, learning difficulties, school problems, poor grades, running away from home. Sometimes these problems result from unhealthy social and family

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