Single Gender Classrooms : Improving The Quality Of Education

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Single-Gender Classrooms: Improving the Quality of Education
The debate over whether single-gender classrooms should be implemented throughout the education system has many minds wondering if it would truly have a greater impact on the academic success of students. Most teenagers do not like the sound of single gender schools. Our society is accustomed to the idea of mixed gender classrooms in high school; society would disagree with the idea of single-sex classrooms being implemented in school systems. The theory of school has always been about learning and the preparation for the real world, but it almost seems that this perspective has changed. Teenagers today use high school as an escape from home. They believe high school is where they meet friends, party, and play sports. Although these activities are frequently observed at most schools, students are missing the key objective of school, which is to be engaged in a rigorous learning environment. As teenagers develop, physically, and emotionally, having them in co-ed classrooms can cause more bullying, sexual harassment, and in some cases can prevent students from remaining on-task and focused. Single-gender classrooms are the split between male and female genders in an elementary, middle, and/or high school education setting. The article in “Child Parenting in School Learning” states that the thought of single-gender education being implemented within the nation has not occurred since the early 19th century…

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