Singapore 's Stressful Working Environment And Fast Living Speed

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• Promotion Strategies
Singapore’s stressful working environment and fast living speed result in limited leisure time for Singaporeans to enjoy outside work or at home on the weekdays. In this case, mass media such as TV or radio may not perfectly match the target market. For a better market penetration, Kungfu should focus on specialized marketing channels instead of the traditional approaches.
 Website or email advertising
Based on the uniqueness of the Singaporean market, Kungfu could send weekly emails and website ads for various advertising promotion. Set up membership privileges to boost the influence. For example, a new coding system can be input in the individual packaging, customers who buy our product could use the unique code to register on Kungfu’s official website and coupons will be issued to them by email if the total purchase exceed 10 items.
 Advertising in office buildings
Convenient stores in the office buildings are another reasonable choice for marketing promotion. Since office buildings gathered most of Kungfu’s target market populatin, both
S$ = Singaporean Dollar. Current exchange rate is 1$ (U.S.) = 1.30964 S$ (Singapore) physical products and various pamphlet/brochure ads could be placed to blast Kungfu way of healthy eating. Plus, accessible TVs in building elevators could also be a suitable place for Kungfu’s advertising campaign.
 Public transportation
Singaporean workers usually commute daily through the transportation because the public…

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