Similarities And Differences Between Raja And Mekea

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Objective: (What is the central focus of the lesson?) The students will be able to….. {3 pts}
The students will be able to identify the similarities and differences between two ideas, characteristics, or characters. Students will then be able to compare and contrast the concepts between the two concepts.
Student Outcomes: (What will the students do?) {5 pts}
Students will identify the similarities and differences between Diana, Raja, and Mekea.
Students will use these identified traits to compare and contrast the three characters.
Prior Knowledge: (What, if any, prior experiences do the students have related to this lesson?) {7 pts}
Students should have a sense of familiarity with the following vocab words: hero, studied, gazing, exercise, sore,
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5. Why do you think superheroes help people in need?

PR: They help others because it makes them feel good to help others

6. What are some similarities between Raj and Diana?

PR: They both have superpowers. They both help people in need.

7. What are some ways you can figure Raj and Diana did not know Mekea had super powers too? (pg. 8-9)

PR: I looked at the picture and seen Raja and Diana had looks of surprise on their faces. I also read in the text ‘they were too surprised to say anything.”

8. What are some differences between Raj and Diana?

PR: Raja helps people with his super strength. Diana helps a girl find her cat with her X-Ray vision

9. What are some ways we can help others even though we do not have superpowers?

PR: We can help others with their work if they do not understand it. We can help by keeping the room clean so people do not trip and fall.

10. At the end of the story the friends’ superpowers go away. Do you think they will continue to help people? Why or Why not?

PR: Yes, because they have felt how good it feels to help others.
Key Terms/Academic Language: (List all terms that will be used to support literature through

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