Silence Of The Corporations : A Literary Analysis On Pablo Neruda 's United Fruit Co

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Silence of the Corporations: A Literary Analysis on Pablo Neruda’s United Fruit Co. Most of us tend to blame the difficulties and failures that are present in third world countries on corrupted politicians, ruthless crime lords, and uncooperative political groups. Basically, we blame these problems on internal factors. However, many of us have failed to realize that large international corporations have also played key roles in leading these nations into the state of chaos and demise that they are in today. Many people think that just because they’ve known about large corporations, such as Coca Cola and Nike, their entire lives, that they can’t be doing anything wrong, wouldn’t someone have called them out if they already had? The truth is many well-known corporations have been put into the spotlight for such actions, yet many of us have turned a blind eye towards reports and articles that try to show us the true evil of these corporations. In the poem “United Fruit Co.” by Pablo Neruda, the speaker of the poem discusses how United Fruit Inc. and other large corporations have taken over world and have without any sort of remorse have mistreated these nations and their workers, these disgusting corporations have used lesser developed countries for their personal gain long enough, it’s time that the consumers of these corporations realize what is going on and put an end to these atrocities. Neruda understands the power large corporations hold, and he tries to help his…

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