The Primitive Accumulation And The Double Movement Essay examples

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The Primitive Accumulation and the Double-Movement.
The excessiveness of the oil industry in the Delta region has disposed of the owners of the Niger Delta lands. This dispossession emanates from the manner in which capitalism puts production and profit making above other interests in the region. According to Karl Marx, “the capitalist system can be none other than the process that takes away from the laborer the possession of his means of production.” Marx would say that the behavior of Nigerian government and the corporations have “divorced the producers (the Niger Delta people) from their means (the lands and rivers) of production.”
Having watched the modus operandi of these companies led the native’s to conclude that transnational corporations’ interest is capital repatriation from the Delta back to their respective countries. They have justifiable cause to believe that these companies do not have the natives ' interest at heart that they devote little attention to the effects of their activities on their host communities. Nigeria’s political and economic system have chronically disenfranchised and disadvantaged residents in the Delta region. The frustration and resentment served as a conduit for various aggrieved armed groups to emerge. The militant movements in the region are of two kinds; those that are grievance driven and those motivated by greed. Consequently, all types of groups purporting to be representing the interest of the indigenous people mushroomed.…

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