Sight And Out Of Mind Essay

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Out of Sight and Out of Mind? Infants demonstrate rapid cognitive advances throughout their first years. These cognitive skills encompass a child’s ability to think, learn, understand, and remember. Although not initially apparent, from birth, children immediately begin to absorb information and build a foundation for further development. Everyday interactions and experiences create new connections and foster a child’s willingness to explore and make sense of the world around them. The expression, “Out of sight, and out of mind” pertains especially to children under the age of two, in that when an object becomes out of sight or out of reach, it ceases to exist in their minds. The attainment of object permanence is a milestone in not only cognitive development, but in the interactions between all facets of development. Providing safe opportunities for exploration and progression are key aspects in developing the notion of object permanence, and can be practiced both interactively and independently through play.
Jean Piaget’s Contribution to Cognitive Development While physical growth and change is more apparent and easily measured in children, the observation of cognitive advancements present difficulty and require a more comprehensive approach. Therefore, much of the knowledge on cognitive development is based on developmental theorists and their theories. Swiss clinical psychologist and pioneer in cognitive research, Jean Piaget (1964) developed his theory of cognitive…

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