Sickle Cell Made An Impact On My Life Essay

1141 Words Dec 12th, 2016 5 Pages
How did Sickle Cell made an impact on my life, Sickle Cell made and big impact on me in different ways it taught me to be true to myself that i shouldn 't care what others think about me i was made to be like this and I have to accept that this is who I am, this is me. My whole life I have always put this on God, always asking “why me” “why pick me”. I really didn 't think about it until I got older that God is’t the problem nothing is the promise that if I want to fight this I have to accept that this is who I am and nothing can change that, I never had a good life when I was a little kid always getting bullied and it never stoop that no will understand me or that no one will accept me. But who care that no one will accept me, if I believe in myself, I don’t need anyone approve. When I got older, I learned that I’m not like everybody else all I have to do is to believe in myself. Sickle Cell really made an impact on me by building confidence it showed me by standing up to myself that nothing can stop me not having Sickle Cell. I feel like that I’m unique and special and i am glad that i do because what i taught myself my whole life is who cares about what i am on the inside or out, it just shows that I’m am not like you and I don’t want to be. It also impact on me by thinking anything is possible, the world is changing and in this world now people judge you by your appearance or the way you act, not by the you see the the world thru your eyes. Also who cares, it taught me…

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