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Introduction Sickle cell disease is a genetic disorder that can be best described as irregular shaped red blood cells that block blood flow, which cause chronic periodic episodes of pain. Sickle Cells affects over 72,000 Americans and millions throughout the world, Sickle cell most commonly affect African American descent, approximately 1 in 12 African Americans carry the trait for Sickle cell and 1 of every 350 African-American infants born have the disorder and the incidence of the disorder in Africa is ten times higher (AAFP,2000). This paper will highlight background information, causes, diagnosis and discuss several treatment and therapies of Sickle cell disease and why African American are largely affected by this disease.
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Sickle cell dieasese causes the body to create abnormal red blood cells. Normal red blood cells are typically shaped like a doughnut, as for sickle cells the abnormal cell has a C-shaped. In Sickle cell anemia, the hemoglobin in red blood cells clumps and stick together causing red blood cells to become stiff and form the C-shaped. When this occur the sickle cell blocks blood and oxygen flow. Anemia take place because the sickle cell breaks down more rapidly than normal red blood cell. Red blood cells are composed of protein (globulin) and a molecule (heme), which binds to …show more content…
The most common problem is the sickle cell shaped red blood cells that get stuck to the blood vessels, blocking blood flow, in results causing certain conditions. One condition is Hand-Foot syndrome, which is, when the foot and hand have pain, swelling and fever. Another condition is “sickle cell crisis”, this is a painful symptom that a person experience sudden body, organ and joint pain. This is due to when the sickle blood cells block oxygen flow to the tissues. This crisis can last a few minutes to weeks causing the patient to be hospitalized. A few more symtoms are eye problems and jaundice, this is when skin and eyes are yellow. The reason this may occur because red blood cells breakdown

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