Should the Police Be Armed? Essays

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Should the police be armed?

There have been quite a lot of controversies over the issue whether the police should be armed or not. Nowadays, police officers in most of the countries are armed when they are patrolling. However, police officers in New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Iceland, Falkland Island and Norway are literally unarmed, except for those who are committed in airport security and anti-terrorism work. In countries such as China, the United States and Russia, the media often adduce issues on power abuse and misuse of authority by the police. Hence, people tend to call for a reduction in police’s reliance on force technologies. Nevertheless, in a rapidly changing society, where heavy crimes and terrorism remain pressing
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Furthermore, accidental errors may occur when the police are armed. Although there are exhaustive trainings for firearms officers, aberration may still happen. This will take innocent lives, either intentionally or unintentionally. From the book ‘Shooting to Kill: Policing, Firearms and armed response’, there are a number of cases of mistaken police shootings. Last but not least, introducing guns on the street may increase the number of crimes, as it can be

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