Should We Spend Too Much Time? Essay

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When walking in the halls I can not help but notice students staring at their phone screens. Phones are a great asset, for we can talk to people from across the country in a matter of seconds. Many people find themselves spending too much time during their day looking at a screen. While people workout many of them are more concerned about the screen in front of them rather than exercising. Another big issue is people will check their phones while they are driving. Our generation is more concerned about their social media than driving safely on our roads.Technology is great to use in moderation, but we spend too much time behind a screen.
Kids aged 8 to 18 spend on average 44.5 hours per week in front of a screen(“Too Much”). Many students spend many hours on their phones, but they also spend too much time on their computers at school. The education system relies heavily on technology to teach our students. Employers think that our generation is unable to maintain a conversation face to face because we are more comfortable talking behind a screen(Dodgen). An unknown employer stated technology overuse is becoming a major problem in the workplace. Younger employees are thought to be unable to maintain a proper conversation. Is technology truly the blame for our generation being socially awkward? Nearly 23% of our youth report that they feel addicted to video games(“Too Much”). Kids that are addicted to video games are known to put off their schoolwork and chores. Video game…

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