Should We Pay Children For Getting Good Grades? Essay

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Should We Pay Children for Getting Good Grades? Timmy Hodgeon was a very kind and respectful child, and he was known as “Generous Timmy” by his neighborhood’s people. Every day, Timmy would help his mother do house chores and volunteer in cleaning the neighborhood for the community. He would always think about others before even thinking about himself, and he would always think about giving rather than receiving. Timmy was the ideal child in the eyes of the people, but he had one problem. He was not doing very well in school and he didn’t like to study. Since Timmy was such a good and caring child, his parents decided to help him by offering him money every time he gets good grades. Slowly, Timmy’s grades improved and so did his motivation to get good grades. As time passed, Timmy’s behavior started to change. He started to be more selfish and craving for more money. He stopped helping people and started to get what he wanted by using cheap tricks such as whining and tantrum. Timmy’s school started to report numerous incidents of Timmy copying his classmates’ homework and cheating on tests. Soon, Timmy Hodgeon was known as “Greedy Timmy” by the community. In the end, it was money that motivated Timmy, and not learning and studying. You wouldn’t want to raise your child to be “Greedy Timmy”, do you? Children’s education is very important for humanity’s improvement, but many children seem to be unmotivated to learn. In today’s society, parents motivate their children by…

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