Should We Live For Space Without Sending Our Nation Into More And More Debt?

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The leaps we have taken to learn what is found in space is quite remarkable, we started out just looking with our naked eye wondering what we were even looking at, to now-a-days where we are trying to answer the question of should we live in space. Scientist, Head NASA officials, and so many more have expressed their personal opinions on what is going to happen next, and one bit of common ground that they can all come to is that money is going to be a main issue. With the International Space Station costing around one hundred and fifty billion dollars to just build, it brings up the question, is it worth going back to space? The answer is no, but what we do need to do is begin to do research on making it possible to go to space without sending our nation into more and more debt, How do you expect to build and upkeep a moon base, that may cost billions and billions of dollars, when the country is already 18.15 trillion in debt? There are so many different opportunities for the Untied states to spend that money. We have the Moon completely mapped out and so is Mars, but our own ocean has less than five percent. Another aspect that is hard to understand is why will we not try to help our planet and spend more money on cleaning it up and make it more sustainable for future life. In America litter alone will cost us eleven and half billion dollars (Giacoppo). There are so many better ways for the United States to spend their money and directing it to space travel is not the…

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