Should We Be Overweight? Essay examples

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Throughout the past decade, it seems as if the word "diet" has become such a natural part of our vocabulary, that we do not see it as we once did before. The word diet had negative connotations, and I 'm not saying it should still have them, but a diet shouldn 't be something we should be going on regularly. There are various reasons to why we become overweight, either it is genetic, a physical injury has occurred, or we just cannot accommodate our lifestyles to remain healthy. It seems as if the amount of emphasis that has been put on our health and fitness as a generation has been left behind the other advances and upgrades we have made to our society. The "next generation" is what we as a society in the united states pride ourselves in. In any way we can influence our children, or students to "have it better" than we did is viewed as an accomplishment for many people. "to have that healthier future, we need to address what is perhaps the biggest challenge to the health and well-being of our youth today: the obesity epidemic, which not only adversely affects children 's health, but it threatens to shorten their life span." (Mississippi Link). As of late it has been a trend for the United States to go on a diet as a whole. The First Lady, Michelle Obama, brings up one of the two major reasons for why obesity is a trend in the United states. She wants to make "food available so families can get the nutritious meals they need to stay healthy and fight childhood obesity."…

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