Should The Government Have A? Essay examples

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Should the government have a say in our diets?
Both freedoms as well as restrictions are essential to maintain a working society. It is important to allow a certain degree of freedom, but it is also essential laws to be upheld because humans are not perfect beings and lack the initiative to always take morally correct actions. People are capable of terrifying destruction, as can be observed in wars throughout man’s history. Unlike many other animals, humans are not only capable of harming others, but also self-harm. Should the government be allowed to take action if its people are not properly taking care of themselves? A highly controversial topic that has plagued politicians and scientists alike for decades is the level at which a government is capable of controlling its people. This, of course, accompanies the choice to choose one’s own diet. There are many arguments for and against the government having a say in what its citizens’ eat, and all of them are viable. However, in this context, government will be analyzed in the sense of the United States Federal Government in an attempt to specify and study a specific scenario. In this sense, the general phrase “having a say” is also assumed to be relating to regulations placed on a person’s diet. Having determined these guidelines, the issue is now called into question: Should the United States government impose regulations on its people about their diets? Although it may seem counterintuitive, too many regulations will also…

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