Euthanasia And Doctor Assisted Suicide

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Euthanasia, also known as doctor assisted suicide, and whether or not if it should be legalized is a very controversial. Euthanasia essentially is permission for doctors to end the lives of terminally ill people to end that pain. It being a very debatable topic some may argue that if there is no positive signs in sight then rather the patient suffer; end it. On the other hand is is arguable that life is valuable so live it through completely, and doctors being given the option of ending live devalues life. Personally, I believe under the right circumstances euthanasia is acceptable, especially if the victim of the suffering is asking to put an end to it as well.
Those who argue for euthanasia tend to believe that doctor-assisted suicide will
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As lot of Canadians agree with euthanasia, as stated in “Majority of Canadians support assisted suicide, provided there are safeguards: poll” (National Post, 2014) 2500 people were surveyed and 84% supported the idea. In another survey 2515 people were asked and 80% of them being Catholics, believed that the doctor should be allowed to give terminally ill people the option of put an end to it. 57% of the 2515 surveyed said they had watched someone terminally ill die, and of the 57% 85% support euthanasia. Another supporter of the cause is Dr. Donald Low, he was terminally ill, and was diagnosed with brain cancer (healthy debate, 2014). Dr. Low was ranked high as a medical official, and made a video and how much he supported euthanasia for those suffering (The Globe and Mail, 2013). Dr. Low was becoming deaf and was blind in one eye. He was talking about how he was inevitably going to die, but with the option of doctor assisted suicide he could die with dignity. Dr. Low passed away in 2014. The legalization of euthanasia would also help families as they would be able to say a final goodbye instead of having to go through watching someone they love suffer. Furthermore, depending on the state of the

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