The Government Has Too Much Power

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Since the first establishment of the United States government, Americans has been brainwashed to believe the power to do what is good for the people. A large percentage of Americans would agree that the government have control of everyone’s life. Some people would ask the numerous questions that would make people really think. What kind of things should the government have control over? How much authority should the government be given? In my opinion, I believe that the government should have restricted power that keeps everybody in line. Could you imagine the United States without a restricted power on the government? The world is getting even crazier with a regulated government power, imagine what life would be like if the United States’ government had all the power and authority over citizens lives. According to an article entitled, “Six Reasons Why Sixty Percent of Americans Now Think Government Has Too Much Power”, the article express the feelings that the American people have against the government. They believed that the government is always spying on everyone for their personal benefits. For instants, the abuse of the National Security Administration hoarding and collecting average Americans phone records. Also, they think that government is going to start charging fees for free information like the internet search engines. Lastly, they are convinced that the government will want to start developing drones that could possible hurt innocent American bystanders if

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