Why Is Physician Assisted Suicide Morally Wrong

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One of the most widely debated ethical issues throughout the country is the right to die with the assistance of physicians. Out of the fifty states in the United States, only five states have legalized physician-assisted suicide. There are specific requirements that allow an individual to possess this right. The question still stands as to whether or not the right to die is morally right or morally wrong.
Oregon, Vermont, California, and Washington are four out of the five states that have mandated state laws regarding physician-assisted suicide. The fifth state, Montana, is mandated by a court ruling. Some people throughout the country refer to physician-assisted suicide as “physician-aid-in-dying” because they believe suicide is considered to be immoral. This law does not just give individuals the right to die. This law is very specific. There are two main circumstances that give individuals this right. The two circumstances must be the individual must be terminally ill and their physician must give them six months or less to live. The right to die is defined as a terminally ill individual’s right to refuse medical measures to prolong life such as mechanical ventilation or hydration, and nutrition. It is the withdrawal of artificial means of life support. Although, the means of physician-assisted suicide differs throughout every state, one of
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The controversy over this extensive issue is somewhat difficult to understand if you are not a terminally ill patient. It is hard to understand the pain someone may be going through. Until you know exactly how they feel and if they want to end their own life or not, no one should be allowed to tell them they can’t and that they are morally wrong. It is their decision and their decision alone. Physician-assisted suicide is only a way to end a patient’s life is pain and suffering, and as long as they end their life themselves, there is nothing wrong with

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